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Become a Trial member for one month. Enjoy a trial period to learn about our great products and services, and apply to be a Formal Member during the trial period


Enjoy a set of fantastic benefits as a formal member: Download more, save more and earn more profit as a drop shipper with our upgraded service and aim for VIP


Become a VIP Member for the full set of benefits. More up the VIP levels to enjoy the very highest discounts and features to maximize your online profit

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We have three membership levels: Trial Member, Formal Member and VIP Member. VIP membership has three levels: Bronze VIP, Silver VIP and Gold VIP.


The membership fee for each of the levels is 3.99 USD/month, except trial membership (No trial fee). Members cannot be upgraded to higher levels by paying for a higher membership fee, e.g. a Formal Member cannot become a VIP Member simply by paying 7.98 USD per month.

membership fee

All visitors have guest access to preview the website prior to registering. Guests do not have access or authorization to download materials, pre-order products or to place orders. Guests can only view a limited number of items with the corresponding prices. If you wish to have full access, we strongly recommend you become a member to enjoy the additional benefits.


Visitors can become Trial Members after registering. You will be upgraded to Trial Member status if your registration is successful.


Trial membership is for a period of one month. A Trial Member can download up to 20 items of product information in order to understand how the process works and also to become familiar with the product information. Please note that Trial Members do not have the right to place orders.


At the end of the monthly trial period, members have the option to continue using the website. If they do not choose to continue, trial membership will be locked.


If you are satisfied with the website services offered, you can apply to become a Formal Member at any time during the one month trial period. Applications are reviewed and assessed based on a number of criteria. Successful applicants enjoy the full benefits of being a Formal Member.


Every email address can only be registered once. This means that, should your account be suspended for any reason, the email address cannot be used for registering again.


Registering with different email addresses used by the same person is strictly prohibited.


Once a Trial Member has been accepted to be a Formal Member, a membership fee of 3.99 USD/month is applicable. Formal Members are entitled to downloading 300 items of product information, placing orders and enjoying an upgraded service.


Formal Members can be upgraded to VIP level. VIP Members enjoy more benefits, including being able to download even more items of product information and receiving higher price discounts.
Notice: (a)Members who reach their download limit must pay an extra $1 per three additional items (b)Unused item downloads cannot be carried over to the next month as they will be reset (c)An individual item refers to each product, so different colors or sizes for that item only counts as a single download.

VIP Members level benefits

A sales assessment is the only way to upgrade to a higher VIP level. Members cannot upgrade either by themselves or by paying additional membership fees. Members can only be upgraded one level a time. For example, a Formal Member can become a Bronze VIP member following a successful sales assessment, but they cannot skip a level to become a Silver VIP. Similarly, a Bronze VIP cannot become a Gold VIP member directly.


Formal members have no minimum purchase requirement, however VIP members have tiered minimum purchase amounts: Bronze VIP is 5,000 USD per month, Silver VIP requires 20,000USD per month while Gold VIP (the highest possible VIP level) is 80,000USD per month.


Sales assessments are conducted once every month. Members who pass the assessment are upgraded to a higher level. If members do not pass the assessment for three consecutive months, they will be downgraded to the lower level. The lowest level is Formal Member; if a Formal Member has not passed the sales assessment for three consecutive months, they are still a Formal Member.


Membership fees can be paid annually, every six months or monthly.


The membership fee is the payment applied purely to use this platform. It does not count toward any sales account balance and is not refundable except under special circumstances.


digbest reserves the right to amend the above policy without notice and prior approval.


Give 30 days to digbest & It will be part of your business